B.I.B Client Centre

  • Registered office in Prague for companies for CZK 600 per month!
  • Registered office with an assistant and your own phone line for CZK 1,200 per month!
  • Boardroom rent for CZK 125 per hour!
  • Transferring phone calls and other advanced functions of the virtual phone centre!

  • Get Prague's address with us!
  • You will save the office expense of your own office!
  • You will avoid any problems with the small town's Tax Authorities!
  •            Our basic services: providing a registered office of a contact address, acceptance and forwarding mail and faxes, receiving the incoming calls on behalf of the represented company and taking messages, representation in front of public and public authorities, short-term boardroom rent. The confidentiality is matter of course. That is why we do not publish lists of our clients or references.

    Virtual office - more than a registered office

               Our Client centre is ready to provide full administrative service for your business. Our services are designed for everybody whom it doesn't pay to build one's own office. Further, in cooperation with our partners, we offer on-line settling, purchase and sale of companies

               Collaboration with us can be convenient also in case your company wants, for no matter what reason, to change its registered office to Prague, without the need to arrange the costly office.

               B.I.B. Client centre is located in centre of Prague. We offer trained staff, prepared to acts pursuant to your instructions, and all the necessary equipment for your office. If needed, we collaborate with layers and tax advisors. B.I.B Client centre is a smart decision!

    Offered services >>>

    Starting a company in 3 days

               You can establish your new company and record it in the Commercial Register for less than CZK 5,500 within 24 hours, and obtain an Extract from the register within 3 working days from accepting your order exactly pursuant your requirements. You can start your activities in one working day. Everything can be done on-line!

    Starting a company in 3 days >>>

    Sale of existing companies

               Already established companies with limited liability or corporations offered by us have many advantages. We guarantee that they have performed zero activity as of the day of purchase, that they have no liabilities nor recivables, and that the basic capital has been fully paid off. In addition, the entire transaction can be done on-line - no journey to Prague is required.

    Sale of existing companies >>>


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